About our company

RTS is a sales and marketing company, providing clients with cost effective customer acquisition programmes, through the use of face-to-face direct sales and over the phone sales. We helps businesses find, growth and retain customers through innovative and integrated communication solutions, across a broad range of channels including direct interaction, voice and mail. We deliver a return on your investment in communication by providing the right communication solution to the right customer at the right time.

RTS has a highly skilled and professional team who cater different customers simultaneously and thereby maintaining high customer and client satisfaction scores.

RTS makes use of advanced technology, proven solutions, and tested analytical techniques ensuring that the customized solutions offered to our clients are cost effective, making the provided solution as the source of maximum return on investment for our clients. When it comes to management, technology and people, RTS have the edge.

We strive to become the world’s no. 1 “sales and marketing company’ by maintaining long-term relationships with our local and international clients, and continuously improving our services to clients in order to grow our client’s business, alongside ours.


To be a globally recognized and respected total solution and service provider across different verticals, in the field of sales and marketing by deploying world class techniques and proficient resources to benefit the community as a whole.


To fuel our growth and achieve our objectives by the synergies of our experience, knowledge, resources and ambition to provide unblemished solutions and services to our customers.


  • Integrity and Transparency
  • Customer delight
  • Leadership by Example
  • Speed and agility
  • Results through team work