Business Process Outsourcing

Contact Centre - Inbound/Outbound Services

RTS recognises the importance of customer services and customer care. We bring to our clients a seamless inbound/outbound contact centre handling calls according to the client requirement. With teams focused on the delivery of friendly and professional customer service, RTS can best support your business and increase your brand’s reputation by providing high quality interaction with customers. Customer service is what a large part of the company's overall mission.

In every enterprise, business processes are interconnected. The value of business process outsourcing is realized by optimizing and linking disparate processes seamlessly.

We help our clients leverage outsourcing services to improve their business performance so that they can compete more effectively in the marketplace.

One of the goals of RTS is to provide extensive and continuous training to its inbound call handling team to handle large fluctuation of calls, and focus on delivering the best customer experience. For this we undertake frequent and robust staff training and continuous quality-assurance measures to suit your business objectives for effective customer service, sales activity, acquisition, or qualified lead generation.

RTS is committed to assist you through our inbound/outbound call centre services to maximise your business growth by applying our proven and effective marketing strategy. With a team of expertise personnel in handling calls efficiently and with a professional approach, we believe in delivering the required results.

RTS’s call handling team would be assisting the respective customer with the following:

  • Customer care / Customer service
  • Appointment Setting
  • Order Taking
  • Market Research Surveys
  • 3rd Party Verification
  • Lead Generation / Qualification