Direct Sales

Direct Sales have proven to be the most powerful tool in marketing and promotion. The concept has typically captured everyone’s attention and is here to stay. RTS understands that there is an ever increasing need for direct selling as it has proven to be most effective sales tool to attract customers and get the product into the hands of the customers.

With our experienced team of field sales and operational personnel we have been able to build a reputation of delivering exponential sales results. We provide a variety of services which include

  • Direct sales services
  • B2B and B2C sales


Innovative Direct Selling Ideas

We have keen business acumen to provide our partners with innovative direct selling ideas in a variety of face-to-face sales/promotion environment which is results to

  • Wider market exposure
  • Cost Saving
  • Time Saving
  • Customer Convenience
  • Customers can buy in small quantities
  • Resellers help in boosting sales
  • Customers receive financial support
  • Resellers provide valuable information


RTS’s objective is to build long term relationships with both internal and external clients. This drives us to operate above and beyond our commitments. For this our teams are highly trained, experienced, and well remunerated (above industry levels) so that we continue our harmonious relationship to serve our clients efficiently and effectively.

We pride ourselves in maintaining the annoyance factor below the industry standards and for this we put our staff through stringent recruitment and training process to ensure that they develop highest quality of communication and listening skills.

Network Sales

Sub-Dealer sales have always given an additional way to reach consumers where direct sales seem to be a challenge for any business.

We appoint dealers in different territory with their strong hold in significant divisions of Myanmar. They completely work in their respective region with the defined targets with our complete support and coordination to attain growth in overall business.

We ensure that our dealers are generating optimum results through various marketing programs to keep the momentum on demand and supply for each and every product covering product portfolio assigned to them as per agreed terms and conditions.