Technology - Geo Reference Model

"With GRM show the project to any enquiry across globe!"

RTS are the associated innovators of GEO REFERENCE MODEL (GRM) a technology solution for Real Estate, construction and infrastructure projects.

GRM a solution for Infrastructure projects.
GRM is a technology solution for major infrastructure and construction projects. We use satellite imagery and latest technology to provide solution for conceptualization of projects like roads, Road network, bridges, flyovers, dams major buildings town planning etc.

Industries that beneift from GRM:

  • Roads and Road Networks
  • Town planning
  • Dams, Canals, Irrigation projects
  • Major buildings like stadiums, Airports


GRM a conversion Tool
GRM is a tool which helps Real Estate Companies to convert their leads into business.

GRM is a technology where every buyer looks for as he will get all the critical information he is looking for:

  • Location of project
  • 360 view of project in real time data of Google Earth.
  • Nearby land marks
  • Interactive 3D view where an user can zoom into any part of the project.
  • All these at the click of a button. (browser based application)

Project View